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Virus protection for mobile devices

Virus protection for mobile devices

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Perfect virus protection: Internet Security solutions for your PC and mobile devices.

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Blue Wolf Technologies, LLP is a certified Platinum Partner of GDS Transnational.

Protection for your mobile devices

G Data MobileSecurity - the solution for all mobile devices running Android™ operating system 2.0 and higher. Control which apps can initiate calls, send SMS, or access the Internet and protect your identity and confidential content such as banking information.

On-Demand scanning a blacklist control for all Apps along with authorization checks of all installed Apps combines to protect your personal data, emails, messages and photos from viruses, malware and other spyware.

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MobileSecurity is included in most of the G Data software options or it is available as a stand-alone product. The full range of services from Blue Wolf Technologies include:

  •   Device Geolocation and Data Protection, AntiVirus Solutions
  •   IT Security Services for Business and Enterprise
  •   Integrated Information Systems Security Solutions



Virus protection for mobile devices

Bringing Security to the Enterprise


Bitdefender Partnership

Published July 2014
  • Blue Wolf Technologies, LLP is proud to announce we've expanded our anti-virus product base by partnering with Bitdefender. BWT is now a GOLD partner with Bitdefender.

    Bitdefender is the creator of one of the world's fastest and most effective lines of internationally certified internet security software. The company is an industry pioneer, introducing and developing award-winning protection since 2001. Today, Bitdefender technology secures the digital experience of 400 million home and corporate users across the globe.

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Security for SMB

Is your essential business data protected and safe?

Published November 2012
  • Blue Wolf Technologies can provide the very latest technology to keep your proprietary business information and highly-sensitive customer data safe.

    The engine driving today's global economy is the small to medium-sized business (SMB). As an integral part of the overall information supply chain, SMBs have the same data security requirements as the largest Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Whatever your concerns may be, we can advise and introduce a range of effective security solutions at levels and budgets geared for small and medium-sized businesses.

Unbeatable Protection

GDS Transnational Products

Published November 2012
  • Information in today's business and industry has never been more mobile. The need to secure mission-critical data while in transit is paramount. Every person or organization that uses devices that access the internet is exposed to cyber attacks from viruses, Trojans, botnets, and many other types of malware which can result in catastrophic damage exposure, or leakage of highly sensitive customer and proprietary data and/or work product, personal and corporate financial information, and overall productivity.

    Blue Wolf Technologies' products are uniquely positioned to provide all organizations the industry's premier endpoint antivirus and security policy management software as part of their overall corporate network and data security strategy. A combination of G Data EndpointProtection and GDST RemoteKill™ ensures that intellectual property, financial and customer data, and highly-sensitive proprietary work product remain safe under any circumstance.

    G Data EndpointProtection, from GDS Transnational, is the world's most highly-decorated antivirus solution. With the only enterprise AV solution with two scanning engines, IdleScan™ technology ~ eliminating the need for scheduled scans that significantly slow down productivity - and a comprehensive PolicyManager, G Data EndpointProtection protects your network from 99.97% of all known and unknown malware while also stopping accidental and malicious data leakage in its' tracks. RemoteKill™, cloud-based and easily deployed in even the largest enterprise environments, maintains geolocation and protects laptops and mobile devices from loss and theft/compromise with on-demand encryption/decryption as well as boot lock.

    For years, technical publications as well as independent testing laboratories have ranked G Data antivirus products the very best in the world. Today, PCWorld and Consumer Reports, as well as numerous bloggers focusing on cybersecurity, have ranked G Data antivirus products as the very best in the industry.

Android™ Security

Published October 2012
  • Today, there are actually more mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) in operation than there are people inhabiting the earth. Of these mobile devices, the vast majority are utilizing the Android™ operating system. In fact, there are now more Android© mobile devices than iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian combined! This growth means devices using this operating system are targeted by malicious attacks more and more as the number of users increase. Also contributing to this is the fact that Android apps, unlike Apple-approved iOS apps which are only available from the Apple App Store, are not reviewed for quality. Hence, hackers often embed malicious code (malware) in the Android© apps themselves.

    Protection against such infected apps is available with G Data MobileSecurity AntiVirus for Android products. GDS Transnational includes this element as a component of G Data EndpointProtection or as a stand-alone product ready for installation.


  • If you are looking for specific information about products, downloads or other product or support issues please visit our FAQs section or contact us.

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Blue Wolf Technologies LLP is a certified Platinum Partner of GDS Transnational.

Blue Wolf Technologies LLP is a certified Gold Partner of Bitdefender.

  •   Device Geolocation and Data Protection, AntiVirus Solutions
  •   IT Security Services for Business and Enterprise
  •   Integrated Information Systems Security Solutions

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The National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) system effectively communicates information about terrorist threats by providing timely, detailed information to the public, government agencies, first responders, airports and other transportation hubs, and the private sector.

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Welcome to Blue Wolf Technologies, LLP

Today's security technologies are rapidly changing the landscape of business communications. CIOs and CISOs are tasked with identifying and implementing emerging technologies while also mitigating their direct risk to the organization. Effective information security managers recognize their role as business enablers, but often lack the time or resources to effectively secure such technologies.

Blue Wolf Technologies (BWT) works closely with our customers to strategically align their information security priorities with business goals and objectives as well as enterprise-wide technology requirements - on-time and on-budget.

"By embracing new technologies, Blue Wolf Technologies helps our customers recognize the threats, understand the solutions, and mitigate the risks present in their evolving IT environments."

As a result of this approach, our security technology product offerings increase productivity and system performance while minimizing the threat of compromised or lost data - highly-sensitive customer information and work product, intellectual property, and other proprietary organizational information - and delivering confidence to their users, knowing that the data that they work with is secure.

BWT provides innovative, valuable, and forward-thinking information and access security solutions that enable private and public sector organizations to more successfully achieve their security and business goals and objectives. BWT differentiates itself through its organizational structure, ensuring that the resources you deal with before the sale have a vested interest in your success following the sale.


Our Mission

Blue Wolf Technologies provides information technology, information systems security and professional services to customers in the defense, intelligence, homeland security and private sectors, in particular, small to medium-sized businesses. BWT utilizes its mission understanding to deliver proven IT security services and enterprise solutions. BWT enables customers to achieve their ever-expanding mission requirements and meet business goals and objectives.

Blue Wolf Technologies - Bringing Security to the Enterprise.


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About us

United States Marine CorpAs a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, BWT is committed to excellence and creating innovative and secure solutions for our customers.

Joseph E. FreedJoseph E. Freed, Managing Partner for Blue Wolf Technologies, LLP, is responsible for all aspects of product and service delivery for the company. Blue Wolf Technologies' primary focus is offering solutions that specifically address corporate cybersecurity requirements and data-loss prevention.


Ernest L. Johnson, Jr. Ernest L. Johnson, Jr., Partner for Blue Wolf Technologies, LLP, is responsible for management of customer relations, technical support, and product portfolio for the company. Blue Wolf Technologies' primary focus is offering solutions that specifically address corporate cybersecurity requirements and data-loss prevention.


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